Why Helicopters?

There are a couple of reasons why I have chosen to fly helicopters and turn it into a career path. My ultimate goal is to become a medevac pilot. I hope provide helpful assistance to those in dire need and give back to my community.

Ever since I was a child I have had an infatuation with helicopters. The fact alone that they can fly is amazing. The amount of grace and maneuverability that they posses is incredible and there industrial applications are endless.

Looking back there is no time that I can remember where I wasn't interested in helicopters. When ever I heard one fly by I would stop what I was doing to find it. There is however one specific moment from when I was around the age of ten that has stuck with me. I was at home playing on my tree swing when I heard the distinct rotor thump of a helicopter. As I hopped off the swing and started scanning the sky, the thumping grew louder and louder until it completely engulfed me. As the helicopter broke the tree line the sound was reverberating through my body. The medevac was so close I could make out the concentrated stare of the pilot under his flight helmet. As he and his precious cargo sped off I remained rooted and awestruck.

As an avid skier and an adventurous adrenaline seeker the maneuverability and grace of the helicopter greatly intrigues me. Many of the sports I have and hope to integrate into my life have made massive advancements due to helicopters. Big mountain skiing and base jumping have been advanced with the help of helicopters due to accessibility of terrain and emergency response for down persons. Also the filming of ski movies have become more dynamic and interactive due to helicopters.  Skydiving out of helicopters offers the chance to experience a zero wind speed exit, which is the same as a base jump exit. As extreme sports continue to develop the use of helicopters will continue to grow.

Growing up on Vashon medevacs are not an uncommon sight. Vashon is an isolated island in the middle of the puget sound, with its only transportation to the mainland being a 20 min ferry ride. Many people from Vashon get a second chance and or an extension on life due to medevacs each year. My grandparents lived on Vashon a few miles from where I grew up. Throughout the duration of my childhood my grandpa was transported to the hospital 3 or 4 times via medevac. Due to the service provided I got to enjoy the company of and be influenced by this wonderful man. I am very grateful for the additional time that I got to spend with my grandpa and hope to give back to the community so that at least one person may experience what I did.

Between the childish infatuation, maneuverability to access hidden terrain, and ability to perform timely life saving tasks helicopters have been and will be an integral part of my life. I am greatly looking forward to the challenges of becoming a helicopter pilot and ultimately flying medevac.